Metaverses: what are they?

Definition: the term metaverse comes from Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel ”Snow Crash“, and is now widely used to describe the vision behind current work. [Source:]

The Metaverse is the convergence of
  1. virtually-enhanced physical reality and
  2. physically persistent virtual space.
  3. It is a fusion of both, while allowing users to experience it as either.
[Source: Metaverse roadmap]

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What is out there?

Political Metaverses

  • America's army and the Protest site against it which is dead-in-iraq and its founder's website and projects
  • SeriousPolicy. UK game released November 19th, 07. Aims to demonstrate how political processes and decision making can be brought to life in a fun and interesting way through a virtual world; and highlight to players, whether they be citizens or policy makers, the importance of public engagement in the decision-making process

For children:

3D Chat [with some games]

Virtual Worlds/Games for promoting a company or business

3D games

MMORPG: in an acronym that stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Rolepalying Game.

Metaverse Servers/PLATFORMS

  • Croquet
  • Papervision 3D: showreel
  • Pelican Crossing: created Blink 3D. Pelican Crossing is the developer of Blink 3D™, the complete system for creating and viewing rich interactive and animated multi-user 3D environments that can be published and viewed on the Web or locally. Blink 3D can be used to create virtual worlds for: Games, Education, Virtual Heritage, Product Marketing and 3D chat.
  • Project Darkstar - a Sun Microsystems online game server
  • Multiverse: [beta] helps you set up your own virtual world. Login to Virtual Worlds in Progress. Read their presentation online.
  • Ogoglio City : [beta] build your own metaverse or space - Tomorrow's Space is built on this platform. It mixes 2D and 3D webs together. Unlike competing services that require heavy weight clients, a long sign-up process, and a team of artists to create compelling events, the event halls of Tomorrow Space are delivered using the web browser, work on your average office PC, and support unregistered guests as well as secure guest lists.
  • Open Sim