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Video on Education uses of SL

How Second Life is used?

Sites About Social Networking in Second Life

Second Life Education Projects

This section includes some examples of how Second Life is used in Education
* Introduction to Field Research Methods in Virtual Worlds: MM 333. Bradley University.
  • Pepperdine University's Online Master's in Educational Technology Program (OMET) has researched and transformed an ordinary, Malibu Island into an extraordinary learning exploratorium. On our side of the island, a central "Learning Theory Exploratorium" has been built which allows visitors to teleport to interactive learning theory rooms and from there to related theorist rooms. Showing interconnectivity, cohesiveness of learning theory, and the processes and theories themselves of which our chosen theorists have researched, we present our custom made project for those who have a thing for learning. Please message avatar Pirate Shipman for more information on the project and Pepperdine's acclaimed Master's program. November 19, 2007. Pepperdine students were available for questions, to explain learning theory, or guide you in the right direction at 6pm and 9pm that night. Professor, Bill Moseley, AKA: Pirate Shipman in SL.
  • Linden Labs official sim teach for educators
  • Brainmeld: bridging the gap between education and gaming
  • simteach
  • Second Life as a virtual learning environment
  • Educational uses of second life
  • 101 Uses of Second Life in Education pdf document
  • NMC Virtual Worlds is a program of the New Media Consortium, an international 501(c3) not-for-profit consortium of more than 225 world-class colleges, universities, and research centers. The mission of NMC Virtual Worlds is to help learning-focused organizations to explore the potential of virtual spaces in a manner that builds on community knowledge, is cost-effective, and ensures high quality. NMC Virtual Worlds provides a palette of premium custom services for education and training, and conducts an ongoing series of events, conferences, and programs. A suite of pro bono services and fellowships are a central aspect of the organization, and reflect our deep commitment to learning and access.

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