What is the future of the Web?

* Microsoft's Surface Teaser [youtube]
  • Exaflood: the flood of digital broadband
  • "Digital Future of the United States: Part I -- The Future of the World Wide Web". Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet. Thursday, March 1, 2007. Sir Tim Berners Lee's Testimony - watch videocast
  • 12 tech trends :
  • An Embedded Journalist's guide to reporting from second life
  • Virtual-Worlds.net: an interdisciplinary volume that aims to provoke a new understanding of the important role that computer-generated "virtual worlds" will play in domains such as sciences, business, computer games, education, training and simulation. It introduces virtual worlds as a field, and reviews its historical roots, its goals, and its methodological approaches. Virtual worlds enable the study of a wide variety of "what if" questions relevant to our understanding of the world around us, by using image synthesis, modeling, multimedia, and virtual reality. We can imagine these virtual worlds reflecting som parts of our reality, but also synthesizing new universes with associated "physical" laws and artificial life forms. The contributors to this volume investigate the relationship between the natural and the artificial from both theoretical and philosophical points of views. They also address technical developements and practical applications.

Significant Technologies