What is collaborative software?

What is out there?

Web 1.0
  • chat/IM
  • emails
  • ICQ
  • mailing lists
  • message boards/ forums
  • video conferencing
  • web publishing
  • online groups: yahoo groups
  • usenets
  • community/political action sites [eg. signing petitions etc.]

Web 2.0

  • Airset: airset.gifonline calendar, messages, Coordinate, Collaborate and Communicate. Shared calendar, contacts, lists, files,
  • messaging, albums, playlists, blogs, links. Public and Private groups. Communities
  • Box
  • blogs blogger, word press, etc. Also there is lijit which is a customized search engine for your blogs
  • blogher: women bloggers
  • bubbl.us: a tool that lets you brainstorm online. It lets you create colorful mind maps online, share and work with friends, embed your mind map in your blog or website, email and print your mind map, save your mind map as an image
  • cha chasearch engine: answers by humans
  • comics sketch: art collaboration
  • google groups
  • wikis: eg. wikipeda, wikia which enables you to start your own wiki, and wikispaces [which is the one I am using here]
  • mapping : eg: Community Walk; wikimpia
  • Freebase: a wiki-like database of world information
  • 3D wiki? SL architects create true 3D wiki: learn about the 3d wiki here
  • mobile computing
  • Motime: Take a look around. Mo'time is a civilized corner of the Web where you just may find what you didn't know you were looking for.
  • moodle
  • Moblog: UK-based.Moblogging is taking pictures and videos with your camera phone and putting them on the internet
  • podcasts: Grapevine an audio “chatboard”
  • sloodle
  • RSS feedapi
  • RSS: feedtojs: changes your feed to js for embedding in your site.
  • Stu.dicio.us : social notetaking or social notes: is a social note taking site designed to harness the power of the internets to make your note taking easy
  • Swarm Sketch :SwarmSketch is an ongoing online canvas that explores the possibilities of distributed design by the masses
  • trailfire
  • tumblr: built to handle longer-form text posts than blogs. Tumblelogs let you easily and quickly post and share anything you find or create. It is a scrapbook and not a journal
  • utterz: mobile blogging with audio
  • Voicethread: transforming media itno collaborative spaces.
  • vlogs [video blogs]
  • vox: blogging
  • webbrush: creating and discussing some charts, diagrams, schemes, sketchs...discussing some ideas, projects, plans, tasks...
  • widgetbox
  • wordie lets you create lists of words and their meanings
  • yelp: review anything. Create an account and make a review of anything. Also mobile accessible with yelp mobile.
  • Yahoo pipes: Pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web.
  • zimbio: Zimbio offers thousands of wikizines about a wide range of topics, covering both popular culture and special interests. Wikizines are interactive magazines that anyone can create or edit. They're a mix of technology, mainstream media, and participatory journalism - so people can either check out the best stuff that other folks posted about a topic, or they can add articles, pictures, or videos themselves.

  • Convore communicating with friends via mobile



Social Notetaking

  • connotea: Free online reference management for all researchers, clinicians and scientists and students [social note-taking]
  • mynoteit: social notetaking
  • tiddlywiki: note taking and publishing
  • jotspot: recently acquired by Google
  • notecentric: currently a facebook application
  • studystickies: currently a facebook application
  • Notemesh: allows students to share notes with each other

Content Management Systems

  • Drupal
  • Moodle
  • Joomla
  • civicrm
  • wordpress
  • Mahara. Open source eportfoliomahara.gif
  • Mambo


Bibliography Creator

Calendar Sharing and Mashable maps:


Twitter tools

Presentation tools with Twitter

Community Organizing and event scheduler


Microformats: http://microformats.org/

Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards. Eg.
  • moz-screenshot-1.jpghCalendar:

    hCalendar is a simCalendar is a simple, open, distributed calendaring and events format, based on the iCalendar standard (RFC2445 (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2445.txt)), suitable for embedding in HTML or XHTML, Atom, RSS, and arbitrary XML. hCalendar is one of several open microformat standards.
  • hCard: hCard is a simple, open, distributed format for representing people, companies, organizations, and places, using a 1:1 representation of vCard (RFC2426) properties and values in semantic HTML or XHTML. hCard is one of several open microformat standards suitable for embedding in HTML, XHTML, Atom, RSS, and arbitrary XML.
  • XFN: social networking

File-Sharing/saving sites

  • Dotproject. Project management system.
  • pipebytes: PipeBytes is a simple service which allows you to send a file to a friend.
  • livedocuments: launched November 24 07. Built on Flash (Google Docs and Zoho are Ajax applications), is that they are promising feature matches with Office 2007 and they have the offline plugin component.
  • Docstoc.a user generated community where you can find and share professional documents. Find free legal documents and free business documents. Upload your documents for all the world to share.
  • google docs [formerly Writely]:]] Create and share your work online : Create, edit and upload quickly - Import your existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations, or create new ones from scratch.
  • Openomy: an online file system where you can store files on Openomy and access them from any computer. Openomy organizes files and users via tags (as opposed to folders). You can choose to keep your files guarded by Openomy, or allow certain outside applications (of your choice) to do new and interesting things with your data.
  • box.net: access and share your files online
  • wrikie: online project management
  • slideshare
  • Wuala wuala.pngis a peer-to-peer file storage and sharing system. The service stores a user’s files in multiple pieces, encrypted on multiple hard drives, anywhere on the Internet.Essentially your files are stored on other people’s hard drives, in an un-crackable form. In return they get the same service.
  • writewith.gifwritewith: upload documents, share with other people, chat, assign tasks, and track everybody's actions with a comprehensive history.
  • rock you
  • zoho: Online Word Processor - Write • Share • Collaborate
    A tool to create documents, edit them your way, and share with anyone


Curriculum resources for educators:

For Teachers/Educators

  • flashcard friends : beta. create and share flash cards
  • gaggle.net: free email for teachers and students. Controlled by teachers. [hmm.. not a very good idea]
  • Beanarena [coursemanagement for children]
  • moodle
  • eGames: creating your own educational games
  • Edusim. create 3d virtual worlds
  • Unity3d
  • vyew. Online video conferencing collaboration

To do lists